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Chuck Rainey

Charles Walter Rainey III - better known as Chuck - is a bassist whose locked-in style has given him a five-decade career. Born on 17 June 1940, Rainey had dalliances with various instruments in school, moving on to rhythm guitar and finally bass. His affinity with the low end began when, as part of the King Curtis All-Stars, he supported the Beatles on their second US stint in 1965. His website sets out his view that the bassist is ‘like the supporting actor of a successful film’, there to allow the lead actor to shine. That attitude made him one of New York City and then LA’s most sought-after sessions; he has worked with a vast number of top names, from Quincy Jones to Steely Dan, Minnie Riperton, Ry Cooder, Marvin Gaye and Dusty Springfield. His work can also be found across numerous TV shows, ads and movie soundtracks. He hosts educational videos and writes textbooks that are widely fêted by huge numbers of upcoming bassists. He’s too modest for his own good - no mere sideman, Chuck is one of the most talented bassists of all time, having appeared on literally thousands of songs and albums over the years.

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