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Rhythmic displacement is where the rhythm you are playing is displaced against the beat, creating interesting tension and release pattern over time. The following exercises use simple left-hand fingerings to allow to concentrate on the rhythm.


The exercises divide a crotchet (1 beat) into 4 semiquaver subdivisions (1-e-&-a). Each pattern starts on a different semiquaver subdivision. To outline what is required, the count is written under each section.

Download PDF exercises and play along with the click tracks below.  Remember, always start slowly. 


Displacement Ex. 1


Displacement Ex. 3


Displacement Ex. 2


Displacement Ex. 3

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Groove Tube is free at the point of access and covers a wide variety of your bass playing needs. If you require specific support to complement the provision already being offered at school or require the content found within Groove Tube to be unpacked, please get in touch and request a booking below.

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